Thank you all for trusting us with the health of yourselves, your athletes and your gym families.  We are taking many precautions due to current conditions and closely monitoring and adhering to both local and federal mandates.

Some of the things you should expect at The Texas Shootout in January:

Temperature checks will be performed upon entry for EVERYONE!  No one will be allowed entry showing ANY flu-like or COVID 19 symptoms.  We are asking all who register to assist us by NOT attending if you 1) have had any of the above symptoms within 72 hours of the meet, 2) have otherwise been ill, 3) have in the 14 days prior to the meet been in close contact with someone who either has COVID symptoms,  has received a positive COVID diagnosis, or is awaiting test results.

Masks will be required for ALL adults at ALL times.  Athletes may remove their masks when performing physical activities, but are expected to wear them between rotations and at awards.

Social distancing will be enforced for spectators and athletes (coaches and judges when possible).

Parent spectators COULD be limited depending on the number of entries/size of sessions. Entrance and exit will be in separate designated areas.

There will be no concession stand, but we will have other more COVID-compliant options for you.

Athletes are expected to bring their own chalk and container, a mask, a plastic bag (labelled with their name) to place their mask in during events, as well as a water and snacks.

We will be sanitizing equipment between rotations and throughout the meet.  We will be sanitizing chairs on the floor between rotations and spectator seating between sessions.

Hand sanitizer will be readily available and hand washing encouraged.

We have contracted with WeBe Works to provide professional viru-cide fog and surface sprays nightly.

We will have smaller sessions/squads in order to maintain social distancing and limit exposure and we will be rotating along specific paths in the same direction.

Volunteers will be limited.

Weather permitting, awards may be outside under cover.

We have also adopted a specific refund policy to help protect families in the event of cancellation. 

We are continually doing additional research and learning from others hosting events, so this list will be updated as needed.  And, of course, these procedures can and will be modified as conditions and local mandates and recommendations change.

Your safety is our number one priority.  Thank you again for considering The Texas Shootout!

Laura Shoffner

Meet Director